Welcome to Ridgway Marshal's Office Website


Ridgway is located in Southwestern Colorado, 24 miles South of Montrose, 10 miles North of Ouray and 37 miles East of Telluride (by the traveled roadway). Ridgway is located in a valley setting surrounded by the Uncompahgre Range, the San Juan Range and the Cimarron Range with a majority of the State’s 14,000+ peaks within eye site. We are located at an elevation of 6985 ft. Hiking, camping, boating, kayaking, fishing, hunting, skiing or most other outdoor sports are within minutes of Town.

The Ridgway Marshal’s Office has been around for many, many years. The only records we have been able to locate show that a horse was impounded in May of 1932 for wondering around the Town loose. The fine was $1.50 and $.75 cents a day until it was picked up. The $.75 was for boarding the animal. Apparently someone finally claimed it, as it wasn’t here when I took over the Department in 2000. We are continually doing research on the Department and as we get new information we will place it on the Web Site.

We are known as a Marshal’s Office and I serve as the Marshal. We are a full-service, community minded and orientated Law Enforcement agency. We are a department that will tackle most problems that may come to the Town and in a way that the citizens are glad to see us. Many of our calls for service are just that, keys locked in cars, door and building checks, motorist assists, but don’t take this wrong we also handle burglaries and other major incidents when they happen, only they don’t happen to any degree that is noticeable. We try to maintain a high visibility to everyone and very reachable by everyone in the Community.

— Marshal D. J. "Scotty" Scott